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Brinkworth Computer Services is a service-oriented company specializing in: custom Access Programming, personal computer training, software problem-solving, consulting, and Web design in your home or office! Let our 25+ years computing experience work for you!

Call today for user-friendly, prompt, reliable service - from beginners to the advance, from simple to complex needs!
We can do it all!

It is no longer hard to find reliable, knowledgeable help for you computer needs. You can count on us in the following areas:

  • Training is done in: all versions of DOS and Windows, accounting programs, Access, Dbase, Paradox, Corel and Microsoft drawing products, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Outlook, Inventory programs, networks, Excel, Lotus, Telecommunication programs, Word, WordPerfect, MS Works, Visual Basics and most business, home and recreational programs.
  • If a custom program is necessary, BCS can design one using Access or Visual Basic. We can also be counted on to repair or upgrade existing programs written in these languages (provided the source code is available).
  • When something doesn't run the the way it should, particularly software problems, we can usually remedy the problem, be it a misconfigured printer or a improperly functioning Windows 98 system.
  • Our experience can be a advantage to your company when guidance in purchasing, setup or consulting of equipment or software is needed.
  • Web designing and programming that is done professionally. We also full- service Web accounts, including periodical positioning to many search engines.

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